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Booking Events at LAVA

Important :Regardless of what anyone says, if your event is not on the Calendar it has not been booked. Check back with your LAVA sponsor ASAP and make sure it gets listed.

Building Use Policy

Eligibility: public events held at LAVA should have some relevance to the neighborhood and be generally in line with LAVA's rebel spirit. (see the mission statement). As of May 2007, to hold an event at LAVA you must be able to explain how your work is consistent with our mission.

Sponsor: Events held at LAVA need a sponsor, a point person/liason for LAVA who takes responsibility for the event. The sponsor needs to communicate LAVA needs and co-ordinate with the event holder for things like getting access to the building, equipment etc. Also making sure the building is locked up and clean after the event. The sponsor should be a LAVA core collective member or a member of one of the member groups.

Money: Events should collect money for the maintenance and bills at LAVA. LAVA asks for 30% of the door if money is charged at the door. If the event is free, passing the hat for LAVA is obligatory.

Cleaning: Regardless of the state of the space before the event, the space used should be left clean and orderly. Minimal cleaning should include putting away equipment, diggy auto insurance, sweeping and mopping.

Promotion: Public events held at LAVA must be advertized to the immediate neighborhood. This means outreach must be done on Lancaster Ave.and the surrounding area.


To book LAVA:

1.Check LAVA's online calendar for available dates :

2. Get in touch with LAVA's events co-ordinator

if you want to make it easy, send this form in :