monthly movie screenings in 2014!

 Always at 7pm//always with free snacks

 January 16th: Let the Fire Burn- this documentary film follows Philadelphia's MOVE Organization and their heated relationship (and conflict) with the Philadelphia Police Department, using archival footage. MOVE is a radical black liberation group with strong environmental leanings.

February 13th: double feature! Necessary Territories-a short documentary about French squatters. && Get Rid of Yourself- Using cut up footage from the 2001 G8 riots in Genoa, Get Rid of Yourself poetically documents protest, theory and representation.

March 20th: Born in Flames- in an alternate socialist America pirate radio feminists and a mysterious Women's Army cross paths in a New York City that is overrun with racism and sexism.

Lava space
4134 Lancaster Ave
(43 bus or 10 trolley to 41st st)