PhillyIMC now truly closed down

Awhile ago, we announced that PhillyIMC was closing its doors We then decided that that announcement was a bit hasty and that we'd try to keep it open for a bit longer. Well, that period is now over and it's really, truly closed now. Can it be revived? Sure, but that would take lots of work. When there's enough interest by enough people to tackle all that, then sure, it can be revived.

One of the other problems we discussed was that there weren't many local contributors. One of the big problems with that was that people like setting up their own blogs and news sites and it's a bit of extra work to re-post their piece onto our site. If they're making any money off of the advertising on their own site, there's even less reason to re-post.

Of course, they could compose a teaser that would give readers of the IMC enough details to know what the piece was all about, but that would, in turn, encourage people to visit the original site to see pictures, video, further descriptions, etc. I understand, of course, that such composition would mean still more work. For progressives in Philadelphia, the IMC could work as a central site from which everyone could find out what's going on, but there's just no getting around the fact that it means a good deal of extra time and labor and not much guarantee of any real pay-off in terms of audience share or political influence.

 If anyone wants to follow my own writing, I post lengthy pieces to prawnblog and shorter pieces with event notificatins to prawnworks