As some of you may have heard, over the last week two former members of the LAVA collective have attempted to seize control of the building. Banned for renting space without approval and pocketing the money, these members have attempted to change the locks and have resorted to calling the police on members of the collective in order to maintain their control. Luckily, their bid to take the building for themselves has failed and the LAVA collective is now able to access the building. However, because these former members have chosen to involve police, LAVA is unable to bar them from entering the space as well - and if they see an opportunity, they may attempt another lockout. That's why LAVA needs volunteers - people who come and hang out at the space. So long as the space remains occupied, the chances of another lockout are slim; and once a lockout is no longer a possibility, a just solution can be found. In short: If you have the time to spare, come through and hang out; all we need are people willing to be present. Small actions like this will help preserve the space and all it represents for years to come; if you can help, contact us at lavaspace@riseup.net