FREE BRIAN! Help Us Bail Him out!

Update!! Yesterday, thanks to all of you who responded with the most generous solidarity, we posted bail and got him. A huge word of thanks to all who put down the money to help get Brian out on the street again! We all appreciate it a ton!

In April, Brian was arrested during the police response to a robbery of a corner store in West Philadelphia. Neither armed nor having taken part in the robbery, Brian has been locked up since the incident, and while confident he will beat the charges, he’s not been able to make bail.

In the meantime Brian has been separated from his partner who is now several months pregnant and taking care of their children. Brian is also an important fixture at LAVA, a community space on Lancaster Ave., often helping out at the Library and at our Thursday food giveaway.  He’s needed and missed out on the street!

We need to raise $3000 for Brian to get back out and back holding things down at LAVA and providing important support for his children and his partner.

We are asking for donations for his bail as well as loans which can be paid back when his trial wraps up (possibly up to a year from now).  Donations using paypal should be sent to

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