The building at 4134 Lancaster Ave is owned by the Lancaster Avenue Autonomous Zone, Inc, a collective organization and a registered Pennsylvania domestic non-profit corporation. Jihe Golden and Mahdi El were both voted out of the collective and are no longer members. They have changed the locks on the doors and assaulted a friend of the collective who was trying to regain access. We are currently pursuing legal action to get our building back.

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As some of you may have heard, over the last week two former members of the LAVA collective have attempted to seize control of the building. Banned for renting space without approval and pocketing the money, these members have attempted to change the locks and have resorted to calling the police on members of the collective in order to maintain their control. Luckily, their bid to take the building for themselves has failed and the LAVA collective is now able to access the building.
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