Let the Fire Burn: Film Screening on Philly's MOVE organization

JANUARY 16, 2014 @ 7PM


This documentary film follows Philadelphia's MOVE Organization & their heated relationship (and conflict) with the Philadelphia Police Department, using archival footage. MOVE is a radical black liberation group with strong environmental leanings. (95 mins)

monthly movie screenings in 2014!

 Always at 7pm//always with free snacks

Protest against war in Syria

Veteran of Vietnam speaks out against proposed war against Syria.

If (probably more a matter of when) bombing of Syria begins, Philly Against War has planned a protest at 4:30pm the next day at the NW corner of 15th and Market Streets.

A chemical attack occurred in Syria on 21 August. That much we know. Who was behid it? We're not really sure.

So long, PhillyIMC! (Updated) (And again)

PhillyIMC is now no more. For a long period, members of the group that maintained the site and contributed stories had been going off to do other things and moving on in their lives one by one. The real problem was that the Philadelphia Independent Media Center never came up with a way to recruit new members, so when people left, there was just one less member to do the work of maintaining the site.

Video training by Messages in Motion

This are some photos from the video training that Laura from Messages in Motion conducted for organizer folks that want to create their own media. take the media in your own hands, thanks Laura!!!

check messages in motion project really rad!


LAVA Library Back Open Again!!

After a longish hiatus (again), we're back open. FInally!  Please come by, as usual we have computers with internet access, books, toys, etc.etc. 

We're starting slowly with Thursdays from 12-4pm - same time as our weekly food giveaway, but soon we'll be expanding our regular hours. Volunteers welcome!

Graphics for all workshop by Santiago Armengod

Mexican artist Santiago Armengod (Justseeds, Cordyceps, Escuela MArtires del 68)  came to Philly in middle of August and presented a hands on workshop to build radical graphics with a low income budget. The intention of this workshop was to share skills with organizers that need to build skills and resources to support their struggles.  Here are some pics from the event!!!

You can check Santi's work at the Justseeds site:


Selma James, Fulvia Serra and Phoebe Jones

selmaLast Wednesday Selma James started off her book tour for Sex Race and Class at LAVA. The book is a collection of her writings over the years which helped form autonomous feminist thought that we now know and helped provide a refreshing alternate current in marxism which challenged authoritarianism, party politics and the left's failure to acknowledge unwaged work as a place for struggle against capital.

Click read more forthe full audio from the night.

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