The scanning begins!!!!

We're going digital!!

After years of writing down books checked out, shuffling through messes of disorganized paper records, we're getting our act together and starting an automated checkout system. Not only will it be much more organized, we'll have the ability to instantly pull up offending no-returners of books, locate missing titles and have a quickly searchable database of titles. On top Nedir of all that, it will be tons of work. We need to re- enter ALL OF OUR BOOKS into our online catalog.

Our intern Bryan and Nyko have already started this exciting process and are basking in the ecstatic delirium only achievable from scanning bar codes. Click "read more" to see the madness set in.

btw: interested in helping? Let us know!! We'll put you to work ASAP!

A Poem for LAVA

I was asked to share this poem with the greater LAVA community. The subject matter comes directly from incredible  lived experiences in the Belmont neighborhood of West Philadelphia.

A Tuesday Afternoon WTF

a guy (Ibrahim) was waiting inside a locked and closed lava upon arrival. he said someone let him in and told him someone from the library would be there soon. Who let him in? WTF?

food (vomit ?) spilled all over one of the computers??? WTF?

random shit everywhere: socks, clothes, broken stuff, etc. (put most of the non-trash stuff on the pile that said someone from the RRFM would be by the next day to move it) WTF?

can for basement keys on the floor and keys all over the 1st floor randomly. WTF?

couch torn the fuck up and pillow innards all over the place. WTF?

neighbor from the grocery store came by to complain about someone from lava's dog biting someone outside of his store. WTF?

every plastic bag on the sidewalk outside is covered in dogshit. WTF?

trash and sticky surfaces everywhere. WTF?

a hundred pages of the same photo of beyonce, the printer out of ink. WTF

it's tuesday afternoon and NATO drones are killing children half way around the world. WTF?


dave onion , Lancaster Ave, August 30, 2011

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