The scanning begins!!!!

We're going digital!!

After years of writing down books checked out, shuffling through messes of disorganized paper records, we're getting our act together and starting an automated checkout system. Not only will it be much more organized, we'll have the ability to instantly pull up offending no-returners of books, locate missing titles and have a quickly searchable database of titles. On top Nedir of all that, it will be tons of work. We need to re- enter ALL OF OUR BOOKS into our online catalog.

Our intern Bryan and Nyko have already started this exciting process and are basking in the ecstatic delirium only achievable from scanning bar codes. Click "read more" to see the madness set in.

btw: interested in helping? Let us know!! We'll put you to work ASAP!

Slutwalk 2011


A Canadian police officer started it all 

On January 24th, 2011, a representative of the Toronto Police gave shocking insight into the Force’s view of sexual assault by stating: “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized”.

Women, quite understandably, were annoyed at this as this is a view that should have died a long, long time ago. The view that a woman dressing in a provocative manner would provide a man with an excuse to rape the woman should have died when Susan Brownmiller came out with "Against Our Will " back in 1975.

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