A Poem for LAVA

I was asked to share this poem with the greater LAVA community. The subject matter comes directly from incredible  lived experiences in the Belmont neighborhood of West Philadelphia.

A Tuesday Afternoon WTF

a guy (Ibrahim) was waiting inside a locked and closed lava upon arrival. he said someone let him in and told him someone from the library would be there soon. Who let him in? WTF?

food (vomit ?) spilled all over one of the computers??? WTF?

random shit everywhere: socks, clothes, broken stuff, etc. (put most of the non-trash stuff on the pile that said someone from the RRFM would be by the next day to move it) WTF?

can for basement keys on the floor and keys all over the 1st floor randomly. WTF?

couch torn the fuck up and pillow innards all over the place. WTF?

neighbor from the grocery store came by to complain about someone from lava's dog biting someone outside of his store. WTF?

every plastic bag on the sidewalk outside is covered in dogshit. WTF?

trash and sticky surfaces everywhere. WTF?

a hundred pages of the same photo of beyonce, the printer out of ink. WTF

it's tuesday afternoon and NATO drones are killing children half way around the world. WTF?


dave onion , Lancaster Ave, August 30, 2011

Slutwalk 2011


A Canadian police officer started it all 

On January 24th, 2011, a representative of the Toronto Police gave shocking insight into the Force’s view of sexual assault by stating: “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized”.

Women, quite understandably, were annoyed at this as this is a view that should have died a long, long time ago. The view that a woman dressing in a provocative manner would provide a man with an excuse to rape the woman should have died when Susan Brownmiller came out with "Against Our Will " back in 1975.

FREE BRIAN! Help Us Bail Him out!

Update!! Yesterday, thanks to all of you who responded with the most generous solidarity, we posted bail and got him. A huge word of thanks to all who put down the money to help get Brian out on the street again! We all appreciate it a ton!

In April, Brian was arrested during the police response to a robbery of a corner store in West Philadelphia. Neither armed nor having taken part in the robbery, Brian has been locked up since the incident, and while confident he will beat the charges, he’s not been able to make bail.

In the meantime Brian has been separated from his partner who is now several months pregnant and taking care of their children. Brian is also an important fixture at LAVA, a community space on Lancaster Ave., often helping out at the Library and at our Thursday food giveaway.  He’s needed and missed out on the street!

We need to raise $3000 for Brian to get back out and back holding things down at LAVA and providing important support for his children and his partner.

We are asking for donations for his bail as well as loans which can be paid back when his trial wraps up (possibly up to a year from now).  Donations using paypal should be sent to freebrian@lavazone.org.

Free Computer Stuff

By Thursday afternoon everything must go!!!

We upgraded our computers (and loving it - thanks Youth Build!! Yall the BOMB!!). Now we need to sort out all the old school gear we don't need to hang on to anymore. Come and get it yall !!

7 Monitors tested and working
5 PC towers -- all with some issue and not working right. but still have cards, hard drives, ports etc.
a ton of keyboards
printers - some working but need ink. others need help

Old school techie stuff: mysterious gadgets, wires, gender changers, stereo gear, scanners, etc.

Come get it now!!

New Magazine Rack at LAVA huge hit !!

Last Wednesday, we set up a beautiful new magazine rack. Bluntly put, it's straight up amazing! Currently it contains past issues of Hip Mama, Clamor, El Libertario, Bitch, some comics and a compelling report on solitary confinement units. It had been floating around LAVA with little sense of purpose for months, but it found it's place: a perfect little nook just between Black Studies and Self Help.

Word has spread and people have been coming in to check it out. Come in yourself and have your picture taken with it to impress your friends!

Even Mumia is smiling.

Really Really Free Market at LAVA March 26

Pics from today's mass stuff giveaway at LAVA, really!!

Autonomous Spaces, from Philly to Santiago

This is the first installment of a blog, written by a member of the defenestrator collective, about autonomous politics in Chile.

Earlier this week I went to La Legua, a neighborhood in the Santiago, the capital of Chile. La Legua is a población, which is a term used to refer to working class neighborhoods that were often formed in huge land occupations in the middle of the 20th century. It was explained to me that La Legua was one of the few neighborhoods were there was open, popular resistance to the US-backed coup of General Augosto Pinochet on September 11th, 1973.

Open House!

We had an open house July 11 2010. Tons of people turned out, most of our orgs showed and plenty of literature and hot dogs were consumed. Check out the pics after the break!

We Need Computers!

We're looking for new computers. Our current desktops are slowing to a crawl and we need reliable computers to start providing walk in access to services as well as continue computer classes and general computer access for the neighborhood. If you recently upgraded or have access to a free source of PCs, please consider sending one or some our way. If you 've offered in the past or have thought about, now would be an amazing time to swing by.

Some things we're looking for in particular:

5 desktop PCs with a minimum of:
1.5Ghz processor speed and 1GB RAM

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