LAVA Library Back Open Again!!

After a longish hiatus (again), we're back open. FInally!  Please come by, as usual we have computers with internet access, books, toys, etc.etc. 

We're starting slowly with Thursdays from 12-4pm - same time as our weekly food giveaway, but soon we'll be expanding our regular hours. Volunteers welcome!

Selma James, Fulvia Serra and Phoebe Jones

selmaLast Wednesday Selma James started off her book tour for Sex Race and Class at LAVA. The book is a collection of her writings over the years which helped form autonomous feminist thought that we now know and helped provide a refreshing alternate current in marxism which challenged authoritarianism, party politics and the left's failure to acknowledge unwaged work as a place for struggle against capital.

Click read more forthe full audio from the night.

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