Occupy Philly - 6 Oct to 30 Nov

One of the first things I did when we were discussing an Occupation in Philadelphia was to visit the site of the original Occupation, the one near Wall Street.



We, uh, assembled a bit of a crowd to begin our Occupation in early October.

early on

Photos of the first day by both Bob Shipman and your author, Rich Gardner. Nedir


Monique's photo


Monique Frugier took thi s and other photos on her own site. Dave Onion did a set of photos on flickr.

Our frequet contributor Stephen Lendman did a general piece on Sinerji Notebook Tamiri OWS on October 10th

The same day, Roy Batty defended Occupiers against the charge that they were unfocused.


On the 11th, Philly Against War advertised its' upcoming anti-war demonstration that was to occur on the 15th.

We featured the demonstration of the 13th the next day.

On the 13th, Between The Lines looked at how the Occupy Wall Street movement had expanded nationwide

The same day, Malcolm Harris took exception to the advice that anyone who was advocating violence was necessarly a provocateur and should be avoided

Richard Kane was very pleased to note on the 19th that there were as yet no arrests for Occupation in Pennsylvania

Brandywine Peace Center

Brandywin Peace Center decided to conduct a once-a-week protest at the Philly Occupation.

On the 23rd, Uhuru Radio covered Occupations in both Oakland and Philadelphia

Greg Green contributed a thinkpiece on the Occupation generally on the 26th

The same day, Ritt Goldstein examined how dissent was being treated as a crimnal act

On the 28th, Craig Louis Stehr contributed the rather impractical idea that Occupiers should shift people between cities. Problem: Occupations have frequently changing members in any event, so it's doubtful authorities would even notice Occupiers shuttling between encampments. Stehr later redeemed himself with a good report on Occupy DC. 

On November 5th the Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS) called upon the Occupation movement to be more democratic and less top-down its decision-making


On the 11th, Rich Gardner examined how the Occupation movement and its goals were being viewed by Establishment media

Gardner contributed another thinkpiece on the 20th, in response to the complaitns from right-wingers and ordinary people that Occupiers should try voting instead

On the 16th, Red Raven warned about agents provocateurs and recommended the occupation of libraries

On the 22nd, Stephen Lendman noted the death of the Supercommittee (Or, as I called them, Cat Food Comission II). It was widely considered a casualty of the Occupy movement

awaiting eviction

Awaiting eviction - the authorities of course waited until a few days later to actually evict us.

On the 30th, in the wake of the forcible closng of Occupy Philly, pdb argues that the police are simply tools of the Establishment and shouldn't be hated merely because they followed orders


Marching to the Roundhouse post-Dilworth Plaza. The Occupation movement may change shape and tactics, but it's not over by a long shot.