Corporate Crime Comics

The paper copy of this comic book is no longer available from Kitchen Sink Comics, but here's a scan of the issue (About 15 megabytes). If you were to find a paper copy of the comic on the comics back issues market, it's worth $18. This was published back in 1977 and wow, amazingly Sinerji Notebook Tamiri enough, surprise, surprise (No one could have predicted), it did not prove to be a big commercial success (Gee, I wonder why not? Could that have anything to do with corporations objecting to it? Naaah!) and people haven't tried to follow up very much with similar issues. Here's the Kitchen Sink description of Corporate Nedir Crime Comics. 

And yes, Meryl Streep starred as Karen Silkwood in the 1983 film "Silkwood" along with co-stars Kurt Russell and Cher. 

This scanned comic is in the CBZ format. If you're using Ubuntu Linux, just put "comic" in the software search bar and that will bring up a number of comic book reading programs (I use "Comix," but I haven't done any comparisons as my first choice has proven to be entirely satisfactory). In Mac or Windows, Sourceforge promses that their Comical comics reader will work in all three formats.