Who's Involved?

LAVA is currently home to several organizations that work for social, political and economic change, including :

Human Rights Coalition
Families and friends of prisoners working to support prisoners and their families and ultimately to abolish the Prison Industrial Complex and all prisons.

ACT UP Philadelphia
The AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power has been doing succesfull direct action based campaigns for people with AIDS for well over a decade in Philadelphia.

Independent Media Center of Philadelphia
A democratic alternative to the mainstream media empire. Their website's newswire covers a range of local and international struggles. Philly Indymedia is part of what has become an international movement of independent media workers.

Tax Report
The Philadelphia graffiti journal has been covering what's up (and who's up) in the streets since 2005 through the use of alternative media including a monthly print zine, website, audio series, and on occasion by sponsoring community events.

the defenestrator
A quarterly radical newspaper which agitates for a social transformation to end all coercive power.

LAVA library
A radical library just inside the 1st floor door.

Food Not Bombs
Fighting global empire and war by giving away meals and groceries in the neighborhood.

Young Broadcaster of America
Young Broadcasters of America builds intramural Satellites of young people (ranging from ages 9-19) whom are aspiring for the noble trade of broadcasting throughout the Americas.

Electronic beats and bleeps from around the world.

New Society Educational Foundation
NSEF is a fiscal-sponsor to many small progressive organizations working for social justice using nonviolent organizing tools such as education, community empowerment, and non-violent protest.

Inspiring artists and artisans through collaboration and encouragement, transforming consciousness and cultivating culture through community involvement. Our goal is to make affordable works of fine art with local communities, establishing a wealth of artistic expression and experiential joy.