LAVA Broken Roof Sessions: TCG BeatZ

Another installment of the LAVA Broken Roof Sessions. This month, LAVA’s own G’Tayah Archie aka TCG BeatZ performs two songs. G’Tayah came up as a kid at LAVA and now runs the recording studio DiVerse Entertainment on the third floor of the building. Check out her set and donate to the link below to help us keep the building maintained through the pandemic. Thanks!

LAVA Broken Roof Sessions: Mitch Esparza

Volume 8 of the LAVA Broken Roof Sessions features Mitch Esparza performing some new material composed from loops, samples, fuzz and shredding. A truly dreamy soundscape for a slow summer day. Enjoy the tunes and donate to the GoFundMe page below. Your donations will help the LAVA Collective maintain the building through the pandemic and into the future so we all have a place to meet, create and collaborate. Video and audio by the amazing Bob Sweeney.